Hailey Bartholomew


Hailey is a talented, multi-disciplinary creative, director, film-maker, photographer, author and artist. Her clients and projects have spanned the globe. Hailey is the creative director of ‘You Can’t Be Serious,’ an industry leader that specialises in directing and producing digital video content, documentaries, television ads and commercial lifestyle photography for major national brands and charities.

Hailey’s work has been showcased on Oprah’s OWN network, ABC TV and featured in UPWORTHY. The success of her short film ‘Ruby Who?’ was recognised with several industry awards and later translated and published into an illustrated children’s book.


Alarna Zinn


Alarna is an award-winning illustrator and designer based in Brisbane. Alarna is a keen collaborator known for her unique approach and presence within the creative community. Alarna has worked with clients such as ABC, Frankie and Peppermint magazines and her illustrative work has been featured in numerous press, online publications and magazines such as The Design Files, Design Sponge, Pikaland, Inside Out, Home Beautiful, Green and Desktop.

Alarna is a passionate and creative person and draws much inspiration from children’s art and stories which has led her to work on children’s books, animation and editorial projects for family publications including ‘Ruby Who?’, ‘My Funny Family’ and ‘Kids on the Coast Magazine.’



Animation Anasiou Canaris & Keiran Murray
Sound Design Mike Lange & Michael Thomas
Recording Studio 3P Studio
BTS Video & Editing & Animation Annika Salisbury

Produced for Australian Broadcasting Corporation


My Happy Heart has been produced by Haply Studio.
Haply Studio is a space of collaboration and ideas between creatives Alarna Zinn & Hailey Bartholomew.